About Campus Fashion Challenge

The Campus Fashion Challenge is a competition addressed to young fashion guru on-campus environment who driven with a passion. It composed of the major categories in the field of fashion such as Fashion Designers, MakeUp Artiste, Stylist, Photographer and Model/Photo Vix.

The goal is to prepare a generation of students for the labour market and to help them realize the potential that design has to benefit society.

Every edition is about Wearing Intelligence with building great teamwork, in such a way that students will be able to give mean to what they engage in, their ideas and what suits their environment.

The Initiative comprises of five categories, which are Model, Designer, Stylist, Make-Up Artiste, Photographer, Writer.

What We Stand For


We unite talent, creativity, knowledge students. We use our network to establish meaningful interactions, brand awareness and audience engagement.


We initiate innovative fashion concepts and events to showcase a unique vision of fashion. We provide a voice that enables everyone involved to make an impact.


We develop outstanding products, projects and concepts to engage with a broad audience and drive growth, branding and media attention.


We create various innovative opportunities and formats to show and sell fashion-related products, ideas and brands.